OnePlus 6T: All the rumors in one place

What's up everyone, my name is Ben and today we'll be taking a look, at some of the leaks, features, rumors, upcoming new additions to the OnePlus 6T.

As you guys know a few months back we got the new OnePlus 6 and as we all know OnePlus always releases a newer updated version of their OnePlus in October, September somewhere around that and today we'll be looking as I said at some of the leaked features, specs, rumors and everything along those lines, so it back, relax and enjoy the video.
OnePlus 6T

One of the most important and most hyped features of the upcoming OnePlus 6T is the inbuilt fingerprint scanner.

Now we have seen this on some of the Oppo devices that have a full front display, basically bezel-less display and while they could just implement fingerprint sensor on the back of the device, they decided to take a step forward and go with the new upcoming trend of having fingerprint sensors built into the display of the device, which in my opinion is really really cool, so I'm definitely really excited for that.

Another confirmed thing that we know about the OnePlus 6T is the fact that the company decided to ditch the 3.

5 millimeter headphone jack.

They said that they have some solid pros or reasons on why they decided to do that, and that the reasons, so the pros that the company or the phone will get by removing the 3.

5 millimeter headphone jack, just outweigh the cons and that they will include the appropriate adapters, to still basically be able to use the 3.

5 millimeter headphone jack, which is really nice from the company, but then again I'm really interested in what was, or what are the reasons, that basically, that allow the company to remove the headphone jack.

The release date is apparently October 17th,now we have seen many different screenshots, leaks of the phone and on all those screenshots we noticed the similar date which is October 17th and we basically, that date is confirmed for the OnePlus 6T event.

One thing that's kind of interesting is the fact that Huawei will be announcing their brand-new Mate 20 Pro just one day prior tothat, so on October 16th which is, it's kind of interesting, but then again I'm not complaining since we'll be getting two new phones in just two days, so that's absolutely awesome.

Regarding the price I'm pretty sure the pricewill stay right around the same, so around $530, which is exactly the same, as it isnow I don't see the company pushing the price point any higher, just because we are already getting close to that flagship price of let's say around 600-700 maybe, sure the phone is-still pretty cheap for what you get, but I just doubt that OnePlus will decide to pushthe price point even higher.

Another huge move with the upcoming OnePlus6T is a potential partnership with T-mobile now in the US OnePlus isn't that popular,just because you can't get the phone on a contract and if OnePlus really do pull outthat deal or manage to make the deal with T-mobile, OnePlus will basically get accessto a whole new market which is absolutely huge for both the phone and the company sothat's definitely really good.

As I mentioned earlier something we have beenseeing with Oppo phones, for example, Oppo F9, Oppo R17 is the water drop notch and fromthe leak that we have seen, so that is the box, some of the renders, we are basicallysure that the phone will feature a water drop notch design, along with that inbuilt fingerprintscanner on the front as I mentioned earlier.

Now the water drop notch is really nice, becauseit will basically allow you to have an almost entire front of the screen just to consumemedia, which is really cool, but then again we will get even less bezels, which is alwaysa nice thing to have.

Unfortunately I'm pretty doubtful that wewill receive an IP rating just because we didn't receive one last year, of course, theOnePlus 6T will be waterproof, we just won't get the official IP rating, just because,well in my opinion as I mentioned a few weeks back, IP rating costs money and thereforethat would increase the price point of the OnePlus 6T or the OnePlus 6 and that is somethingthat OnePlus is not looking forward to doing.

Now we have also seen some rumors about thetriple rear camera, in my opinion, that won't be happening.

Regarding the dimensions of the phone, thedimensions will be pretty much the same but the phone will be just a tiny tiny bit thicker.

As I mentioned earlier Oppo and OnePlus arebasically one in the same company there are companies under the big holding company namedBBK and that company is essentially pulling good features from other phones and makingnew phones as they go along, so that's why I said the new OnePlus will be based off ofthe Oppo R17 Pro, here comes the question will the OnePlus 6T have flash charge I believethis from the Oppo Find X, what will be the specs and all those questions, in my opinionwill be getting the same Snapdragon 845, we will be getting 8 gigabytes of RAM and wewill be getting the exact same camera that we have on the Oppo R17 Pro, so regardingthe display, in my opinion we will see a 6.

4 inch full HD Plus display, which is a stepup from the OnePlus 6, so display will be full HD plus on the OnePlus 6T, we will alsobe getting a 25 megapixel front camera and a dual rear camera with 16 and 5 megapixels,which is really really good as well.

We will also be getting a bigger battery,which is another improvement from the current OnePlus 6, the battery size will be probablyaround 3700mAh, which is really really good, that's quite a solid battering especiallyconsidering you have DASH charge which is an extremely fast version of fast chargingbasically.

Unfortunately I doubt that we will see wirelesscharging once again I'm not too sure why OnePlus just doesn't pull the trigger and implementswireless charging into the phone, but I guess we will just survive without it, some of theother things that I maybe didn't mention, that I'm pretty sure will get full HD Plusdisplay, maybe stereo speakers and also maybe NFC, those are some of the things that I'mthat I'm pretty sure we might see, I'm especially hoping we see stereo speakers.

So this were basically all the things thatI'm positive or that I'm really hoping OnePlus implements with their new flagship, hopefullyguys enjoyed this video, if you did definitely consider dropping this video a likey pleaseleave me a comment down below telling me what features you are excited about and what youlook forward to and without the further ado I'll see you all, next time.